Free help with saving energy if you cannot afford it yourself

Lower your
energy bill

At Warm Home, we help Zwolle residents have a more energy-efficient home. We’re ready to offer savings tips and insulate your home. This is because it will save you on your energy bill. If you qualify, we’ll do it for you for free.


19 December 2023

The holidays are just around the corner, we all dream of a white Christmas and hope to finally put on our skates for a trip on natural ice. Colder weather...

20 June 2023

Source: the Assendorper, June 2023 "Ask for help!" Handyman Wim Schrooten and energy coach Jeroen Visser from Warm Thuis Zwolle can't say it often enough. For the past year and...

18 April 2023

Mr Marsman lives in Zwolle South. In an owner-occupied home from 1989, located in a quiet neighborhood with lots of greenery. All windows downstairs are double glazed. Not on the...

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