Warm Home Zwolle prepares your house for the winter

The holidays are just around the corner, we all dream of a white Christmas and hope to finally put on our skates for a trip on natural ice. Colder weather also means that you want your home to be nice and warm. But not everyone can simply turn up the heating knob. Because if your house is drafty and not energy efficient, the gas and electricity bill will rise considerably.

Warm Home helps to reduce your energy bill. With free insulation materials if you cannot afford it yourself. Since last year we have already renovated 450 houses. We do this with small and large insulation measures. The energy coach comes to your home to see what is needed and gives advice on how to save. Then a handyman or contractor Van Wijnen will come and do the implementation. From radiator foil to LED lamps and from special double glazing to the replacement of energy-guzzling white goods.

Councilor Arjan Spaans, councilor for Energy Transition: “The people of Warm Thuis Zwolle are ready to help you. They are happy to help you with a warmer home, so that you do not have to sit in the cold in the coming winters. And it costs you nothing!”

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Wondering if Warm Thuis can help you too? For more information and registration, visit www.warmthuiszwolle.nl or call 038 – 207 1413.